Prayer Calendar

Each fortnight Wayne and Christine Abbott put together ideas to assist church members to focus their prayer life in relation to the prayer needs identified by the Adare Church Community. You can assist them with your ideas. Select the fortnight that you are interested in and click on the date to open the prayer calendar. Hard copies are available in the church foyer.

18 oct-31 0ctober 2021 Prayer calendar
4th -17th October 2021 Prayer Calendar
20 Sept-3 Oct 2021
6 Sept - 20th Sept 2021
23 August-5 September 2021
9th August - 22nd August
26 July - 9th August
12 July - 25 July
28 June-11 July
14 June-27  June
31st May-13th June
15 March-28 March
1- 14 March 2021
15-28 February 2021
1-14 February 2021
21 December 2020
7 Dec- 20 Dec 2020 Prayer Calendar
16th November-29th November 2020 Prayer Calendar
2nd November -15th November 2020 Prayer Calendar
19th October - 1st November 2020
5th October - 18th October 2020
7 September - 21st September 2020
24 August - 6th September 2020
10 August - 26th August 2020 prayer calendar
27 July - 9th August 2020 - Prayer Calendar
13 July - 26 July 2020 Prayer calendar
29 June-12 July 2020 Prayer calendar
15 June - 28th June 2020 - Prayer Calendar
1 June-14 June 2020 Prayer Calendar


Peter Cranwell coordinates the 3 Prayer Chains at Adare. As the Prayer Chains need regular updating, please consider if you would like to
participate or if you would like to be removed from the current list. Please contact Peter Cranwell (0490 412 974) or Helen Lindqvist as soon as possible. Thank you to those
who continue to faithfully pray for many and varied situations.
There is always a short prayer time in the Small Meeting Room around 9.05 am each Sunday before the service. Anyone is welcome to attend this time when we pray particularly for those involved with the service and all those who are attending. The Intercessory Prayer Group has recommenced at 11 am each Tuesday morning. Anyone is welcome to attend.