This gallery consists of pictures relating to church life and activities as photographed by church members. Photographs of the Mannum Church Camp 2018, and Garage sale and Christmas services - have been provided by Ruth Williamson, Evening Fellowship photographs by Edith Reddin and Harvest Thanksgiving photos by Emily Grear. Hover over the thumbnail photos to find the ones you seek. Clicking on any picture will create a slide show for the photos in that particular gallery.

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50 Years since the induction of the Reverend Dr Rodger Bassham

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Adare Church acknowledges its Preaching Team - standing L to R - Neil Pontifex; David Beck; Jon Grear; Peter Manuel; Val Chapman (presenter); John Magor; Rodger Bassham; Bill Reddin; Barrie Carbins; Rev Ernest Sorensen.

Induction of Rev Ernest Sorensen - Friday 12 July 2019

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Garage Sale Jan 12th 2019 - raising $15,000 for mission (photos courtesy Ruth Williamson)

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Farewell Lunch for Rev Susan Doughty Jan 6th 2019

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Christmas Service

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2018 Footloose in Action

'NOCKABOUTS' Christmas Dinner held at the home of Fay and Ken Buckley 9th December 2018

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'NOCKABOUTS' dinner and light entertainment at the Caffe del Ristorante owned by Count Giani and Contessa Ruth on the night of June 16th, 2018 (click on images to enlarge)


2018 Mannum Camp

Special Occasions