Worship and Prayer


One of the agreed Core Values for Adare is Meaningful Worship.
Within this, we endeavour to convey a feeling of joy and awe. We believe worship is a celebration of the transforming power of Jesus. We convey God’s truth as expressed in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, and how that is lived by ordinary and extraordinary people today.

Worship endeavours to be inclusive, creative/innovative, flexible, memorable, and experiential.

The focal point of worship is our God, so leaders of worship will endeavour to model humility and guide worshipers towards healing, hope and reconciliation with our God and with each other.

We exercise a ministry of loving hospitality so that those who attend worship experience grace, acceptance, encouragement, and loving service that draws them into a vital relationship with Jesus Christ.

We offer a ministry of prayer, praise, hope, healing, teaching and grace, so people are led into a more vital and spiritually deep encounter with the risen Christ that leads to effective Christian service in his name. We exercise the gifts of the Spirit with appropriate sensitivity (see 1 Corinthians 12 -14.).


The prayer group meet each Wednesday morning at 9.30 am in the church. Please get in touch with Rev Janice McWhinney or the church office (8552 8377) for more information.


Three prayer chains operate at Adare. If you request prayer or praise for answered prayer, please contact the prayer chain Coordinator, Peter Cranwell or 0490 412 974.


Lorraine Carbins is the Worship coordinator.
Peter Cranwell is the Prayer Coordinator for Adare Uniting Church

They encourage, guide and facilitate in the area of Worship and Prayer as listed.

Worship Ministry at Adare:

  • Encourage Worship Leaders, singers and musicians in leading worship that is celebratory in style, flexible, inclusive, creative, humble and sensitive.
  • Provide guidance with song choices and other worship-related resources where necessary
  • Prepare Large Words for new songs when necessary
  • Roster preparation for Prayer People, Worship Leaders, Singers, Data Projector Operators and Pianists.
  • Liaise with Church Council where necessary.

Prayer Ministry at Adare:

  • The 3 Prayer Chains
  • Intercessory Prayer Group
  • Prayer Calendar
  • Prayer before and after each Sunday Worship
  • To roster Prayer people for each Sunday.


Prayer Coordinator : Peter Cranwell