Pastoral Care and Family Groups


The position of Pastoral Care and Fellowship Coordinator is currently vacant. The role is to see that all people associated with Adare Uniting Church are provided with nurture, care and rich fellowship.

To fulfill this role the church has established Pastoral Family Groups, and each person who associates with the church is placed in a group, The group members have the responsibility of mutual care and to assist new people to build good and healthy relationships – initially with the group members and eventually the wider church and community. The group members, led by a liaison person, gather for fellowship activities several times each year as a way of strengthening the bonds of friendship.

As the focus of the groups is relational, group members are encouraged to support each other at all times, and particularly through times of sickness or adversity. This includes prayers, visitation, and personal assistance.

As a general rule liaison people have been appointed to lead each group which have 15 -20 people making up a pastoral family. Their activities may be social, creative, spiritual, or sumptuous, but they are designed to help each person share and contribute in fellowship. Groups create their own names and plan their own activities. Liaison people receive direct support in their role from the Pastoral Care and Fellowship Coordinator

The following is a list of groups by name as at December 2019.


Ad Care (Joyce Baxter), (Phyllis Cartwright), (Val Chapman), (Wayne Clarke), (Paul, Marlene Hutton), (Val McLachlan), (Neil, Helen Pratt), (Eric, Fay Richardson), (John, Helen Williams),


Bethany (Beth Baker), (Leslie Barnes), (Kym, Ann Basham), (Graeme, Anthea Butler), (Leon, Beth Duke), (Alan, Margie Field), (Peter, Marcia Forth), (Doris Lush), (Deane Michelmore), (Ronda Overall),


for God
(Pip, Sue Burfield), (Peter, Rae Cranwell), (Roydon, Angela Ellison), (John Murchland), (Leon Parsons), (Lindsay Pryde), (Graeme, Judy Schwartz), (Rod, Jill Sprigg)


Brite Sparks (Faye Anderson), (Ronda Arthur), (Barrie, Lorraine Carbins), (Fay Cheater), (Betty Cornish), (Grant, Christine, Amanda Dixon), (Gloria Griffin), (Barry, Marg Irrgang) (Doreen Lorraine), (Ian, Johanna McCallum), (Ken, Judith Nowland), (John, Pauline Read), (Mary Sgarbossa), (Bruce Wenham), (Dean Wickham), (Marj, Ken Wills), (Marlene Winkler),


Caring Together (Ross, Athalie Ford), (Milton, Wendy Hender), (Adrienne, John Hewitt), (John, Jill Magor), (Jim, Melva Miles)


Coastal Nomads (Rodger, Marlene Bassham), (Don, Judy Brinkworth), (Andrew, Anne Craig), (John, Rene Dixon), (Rod, Judy Dunbar), (Roy, Kate Fife), (Norm, Betty Ginn), (Coral Maxwell), (Sheila, Mac Reed), (Jeannie, Dean Watson),


Fairways (Bob, Sheila Arnold), (Lesley Croft), (Barry, Jenny Fletcher),  (Ken, Di Pratt), (Ann Richardson), (Max, Margie Vincent), (Mark, Thelma Zrna),


Nockabouts (Ken, Fay Buckley), (Max, Maxine Davies),  (Wally, Bernice Humphrys), (John, Ruth Keith), (Graeme, Meredith Koch), (Chris, Julie Kuchenmeister), (Peter, Brenda Manuel), (John, Margaret Mathieson), (Brenton, Heather Osborne), (Marilyn Parker), (Brenda Rosewarne), (Jaelene Slade), (Jim, Ruth Williamson),


The Water Walkers  (Nicole, Tahlia,Jaye Cousins), (Jon, Jennifer, Emily, Lucy, D'arcy Grear), (Debbie, Daniel Hewitt), (Murray, Patricia Horsnell), (Ken, Lesley Mableson), (Ian, Ruth Price), (Rob, Pip Schmidt), (Glenys Skey), (Greg, Vanessa, Jasmine, Kiara, Brylie, Shayna Wiese),


Wattle He Do!? (Christine, Wayne Abbott), (Lee, Blair-Jenke), (Barry, Barbara Fowler), (Di, Harley Foxy), (Robert, Pam Harkness), (Brian, Fay Hentschke), (John, Carol Hubbard), (Eric, Val Secomb), (Dale, Pauline Speck),


(Annita, Ashley, Nathan, Hamish Foote), (Colin, Barb Gepp), (Jagan, Naomi, Bailey, Imogen, Tempany Hames), (John, Sandy Mardell), (Steven, Sharron, Victoria Videon), (Brian, Rachel, Joseph, Kaitlyn Warren), (Chris, Peter Wessels), (Dennis, Trish Williams), (Jim, Ruth Williamson),



Brenda Manuel - Pastoral Care and Family Groups Coordinator