Pastoral Care and Family Groups


The Pastoral Care and Fellowship Coordinator is Brenda Manuel. Her role is to facilitate groups to nurture, care and enrich fellowship for all people associated with Adare Uniting Church.

To fulfil this role each person who associates with the church is placed in a group, The group members have the responsibility of mutual care and assisting new people to build good and healthy relationships – initially with the group members and eventually with the wider church and community. The group members, led by a liaison person, are encouraged to gather for fellowship activities several times each year as a way of strengthening the bonds of friendship.

As the focus of the groups is relational, group members are encouraged to support each other at all times, and particularly through times of sickness or adversity. This includes prayers, visitation, and personal assistance. Recognizing birthdays and anniversaries within the group is also a way this may occur.

As a general rule liaison people have been appointed to lead each group with 15 -20 people making up a pastoral family. Their activities may be social, creative, spiritual, or sumptuous depending on the interests of group members, but should be designed to help each person share and contribute in fellowship. Groups create their own names and plan their own activities. Liaison people can receive direct support in their role from the Pastoral Care and Fellowship Coordinator

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Brenda Manuel - Pastoral Care and Family Groups Coordinator